Nowadays it is almost normal for a loan to be taken out for all kinds of things. Some take over with a loan or are excluded from lending because the credit rating is too poor. Often important bills cannot be paid and the cycle of the debt trap begins. Many then have only one option, namely to take out a loan with an immediate commitment without Credit bureau.

Capital lender credit – special features

Capital lender credit - special features

If you want to take out a loan with an instant approval without Credit bureau, you will quickly see that it has many special features. This credit is not entered in the Credit bureau as it is in Germany. The banks abroad also do not check the applicant’s Credit bureau entries, so those with poor credit ratings can be successful here. The loan does not necessarily have to be applied for abroad, it is sufficient if a credit broker is involved.

Loan seekers can find this on the Internet, where there are numerous intermediaries. However, these should be compared with each other, because the fees of the intermediaries can vary considerably. In this way, the loan can be taken out from the comfort of your own home with immediate approval without Credit bureau. The credit broker primarily needs pay slips, proof of residence in Germany and a copy of the ID.

As soon as he has checked this and receives a loan amount, he sits down with many banks in Switzerland that will offer the loan seeker offers. As soon as a loan with an immediate commitment without Credit bureau has been decided, a contract can be signed and sent to the bank.

What conditions have to be met

What conditions have to be met

Loan seekers who are interested in an instant loan without Credit bureau will only receive it if certain conditions can be met. So there must always be a fixed income that can be attached in the event of a loan default. It must not come from self-employment or from social benefits.

Self-employed people earn different amounts of money each month and social benefits are not counted as income. Unemployed people, the self-employed and even students or schoolchildren cannot apply for a loan in Switzerland. Proof of residence in Germany must be provided and the applicant must be at least 18 years old. This is the only way to apply for the loan.

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